Player information: Nick R Keene (2017 - 2018 season)

Listed below are details for Nick R Keene who has yet to play in a match during the 2023 - 24 season:

Personal information
Club Wimbledon
Nominated Team B
ECF rating code 248682K
ECF membership code
Standard-play rating 2073, C
Rapid-play rating Not yet available
National Federation en.png
FIDE rating code 426946
TVCL first registered 25-11-2015
TVCL registration status Yes
2021-22 season 4 matches
2019-20 season 7 matches
2018-19 season 12 matches
2017-18 season 13 matches
2016-17 season 12 matches
2015-16 season 13 matches
2017 - 2018 season performance statistics
Date Match Division Type SP/RP Opponent Board Result
02-10-2017 Wimbledon C vs Wimbledon B 2 Online SP Yasser Tello s1884A one win
09-10-2017 Ealing A vs Wimbledon A 1 Online SP Christopher Tombolis s2035A five draw
16-10-2017 Staines A vs Wimbledon B 2 Online SP Derek P McGovern s1799B two win
06-11-2017 Wimbledon B vs Harrow A 2 Online SP Steven Dale s1855* three draw
13-11-2017 Wimbledon A vs Richmond & Twickenham A 1 Online SP Raghu Kamath s1885B three win
14-12-2017 Wimbledon B vs Maidenhead A 2 Online SP Paul S Janota s1855D three win
07-02-2018 Surbiton B vs Wimbledon A 1 Online SP Rajeiv Ratnesan s1900D seven win
19-02-2018 Wimbledon A vs Kingston A 1 Online SP Nicholas D Grey s1795B eight win
26-02-2018 Maidenhead A vs Wimbledon B 2 Online SP Anthony CP Milnes s1971B two win
15-03-2018 Wimbledon A vs Surbiton A 1 Online SP Nick W Faulks s1906A seven loss
19-03-2018 Wimbledon A vs Hammersmith A 1 Online SP Brian Dodgeon s1752C eight win
18-04-2018 Surbiton A vs Wimbledon A 1 Online SP Stephen Kearney s1863E seven loss
14-05-2018 Hammersmith A vs Wimbledon A 1 Online SP Paul Kennelly s1848B eight loss
Performance summary for 2017 - 2018 season
Number of standard-play games: 13
Standard-play performance:  +8  =2  -3  = 69.2%  (with all games completed)