Player information: Paul EO Durrant (2016 - 2017 season)

Listed below are details for Paul EO Durrant who has yet to play in a match during the 2021 - 22 season:

Personal information
Club Surbiton
ECF rating code 109981E
ECF membership code
Standard-play rating 1810, B
Rapid-play rating 1810, D
National Federation en.png
FIDE rating code 441074
TVCL first registered 25-11-2015
TVCL registration status Yes
2019-20 season 9 matches
2018-19 season 6 matches
2017-18 season 8 matches
2016-17 season 21 matches
2015-16 season 16 matches
2016 - 2017 season performance statistics
Date Match Division Type SP/RP Opponent Board Result
19-10-2016 Uxbridge A vs Surbiton C 2 Online SP Michael C Price s1760A six draw
24-10-2016 Maidenhead B vs Surbiton D 4 Online SP Gurveen Kapoor s1878C two win
07-11-2016 Hammersmith A vs Surbiton B 1 Online SP John D White s1821C seven win
09-11-2016 Surbiton D vs Richmond & Twickenham D 4 Online SP Adrian DP Waldock s1675A one draw
28-11-2016 Hounslow A vs Surbiton B 1 Online SP Matthew Staneland s1630* eight win
07-12-2016 Surbiton E vs Hounslow C Division X Online SP David J White s1863B one draw
12-12-2016 Maidenhead A vs Surbiton C 2 Online SP Majid Mashayekh s1855C two loss
04-01-2017 Surbiton C vs Ealing A 2 Online SP Simon Healeas s1863B three draw
09-01-2017 Ealing Juniors Jun A vs Surbiton C 2 Online SP Christopher Tombolis s2035A two draw
10-01-2017 Richmond & Twickenham C vs Surbiton D 4 Online SP Alex Shard s1720D one loss
19-01-2017 Richmond & Twickenham A vs Surbiton B 1 Online SP Christopher RL Kreuzer s2013E five loss
01-02-2017 Surbiton C vs Richmond & Twickenham B 2 Online SP Jon M Eckert s1828A three loss
08-02-2017 Surbiton C vs Harrow A 2 Online SP Jagdeep Dhemrait s1953C three win
08-03-2017 Surbiton B vs Wimbledon A 1 Online SP Anthony Hughes s1945A seven loss
05-04-2017 Surbiton C vs Ealing Juniors Jun A 2 Online SP Nishchal Thatte s2032A four loss
12-04-2017 Surbiton C vs Maidenhead A 2 Online SP Majid Mashayekh s1855C two draw
19-04-2017 Surbiton B vs Richmond & Twickenham A 1 Online SP Maks Gajowniczek s1750E six win
26-04-2017 Surbiton B vs Hounslow A 1 Online SP JJ Padam s1765C four win
03-05-2017 Surbiton B vs Wimbledon B 1 Online SP R John Wilcox s1825E six loss
08-05-2017 Wimbledon A vs Surbiton B 1 Online SP Mark J Dubey s1990C four loss
15-05-2017 Kingston A vs Surbiton B 1 Online SP Neil Maxwell s1998D seven loss
Performance summary for 2016 - 2017 season
Number of standard-play games: 21
Standard-play performance:  +6  =6  -9  = 42.9%  (with all games completed)