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Date: 20-03-2017, Division: 1, Trophy:
Grading limit: Open, (standardplay), Colours: determined by toss
Rounds: 1
, Handicap: No
Adjournment possible: Yes
, Adjudication possible: Yes
Board Home player Result Away player Grading
difference (Δ)
one Martin Jogstad Martin Jogstad had the black pieces1/2-1/2FM Stephen H Berry s213A FM Stephen H Berry s213A had the white pieces
two David J Rowson s183B  David J Rowson had the white pieces0-1 Russell G Granat s207A  Russell G Granat s207A had the black pieces-24
three Alan Scrimgour s177A  Alan Scrimgour had the black pieces1/2-1/2 Roger Emerson s195A   Roger Emerson s195A had the white pieces-18
four John P Foley s178A  John P Foley had the white pieces1/2-1/2 Robin W Haldane s191A  Robin W Haldane s191A had the black pieces-13
five Peter J Roche s161C  Peter J Roche had the black pieces0-1 Ian Heppell s185A  Ian Heppell s185A had the white pieces-24
six Nicholas D Grey s155A  Nicholas D Grey had the white pieces0-1 Nick R Keene s174B  Nick R Keene s174B had the black pieces-19
seven Neil Maxwell s156C  Neil Maxwell had the black pieces0-1 Paul DL Barasi s170A  Paul DL Barasi s170A had the white pieces-14
eight Stephen Moss s139A  Stephen Moss had the white pieces1-0 Anthony Hughes s162A  Anthony Hughes s162A had the black pieces-23
Mean grading Home team: 164.1   Away team: 187.1 Δ = -23
Notes Result on Board 1 Martin Jogstad 0.5 v Steve Berry 0.5
match result: 2.5 — 5.5
with no games adjourned
with no games awaiting adjudication
Submitted by: Ian Heppell at: 08:46:38 on: 21-03-2017
Confirmed by: Alan Scrimgour at: 12:02:08 on: 21-03-2017
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